341 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036-3803

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It is clear that the last post attempting to negate the roach and bedbug report is the management. This apartment building is disgusting. I live here and there are roaches in the hallway are a common occurrence and don't know how I didn't see it when I viewed my unit.
Yes there is a laundry room but it is infested with roaches and will continue to be so due to the trash bins being open. They never clean the hallways and the tenants here dont seem to mind living with the bugs. I personally can't

wait until my lease is up. I am leaving and never looking back.

I hate everything about this apartment building and wouldn't recommend anyone to move in this roach infested building.

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I have lived in the building for more than a year. Bedbugs have not been a problem, and the management company has responded to all complaints in a timely fashion.

The January post above is factually incorrect about roaches in the hall. Regarding bedbugs, the poster acknowledges that the only evidence he has of bed bugs is hearsay from unspecified sources.

The December post does not make any sense. The poster acknowledges that the management company took care of the problem and that it wa

s years ago. Obviously it wasn't a continued problem if the person renewed his lease. The assertion that the building is used as a hotel is factually incorrect. Hypothesizing that bed bugs are likely to return is thus wild speculation and nothing more.

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There have been bed-bugs in this building and constant roaches.
They do have an exterminator that comes once a month to spray for roaches. They do not have a program for keeping away bedbugs though. we had an infestation in our apartment a few years back. Then the bed bugs resurfaced again. The building management took care of it..but only after I threatened to call 311.

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