428 W 46th St
New York, NY 10036-3505

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i've only been in this building for three months and i have already seen several bedbugs on my bed. i'm disgusted and horrified. i never had this problem before but from what i've read it seems incredibly difficult to eradicate without a concerted, dedicated effort that addresses the whole building, not just one apartment at a time.

I have also also seen bedbugs in my apartment in this building. I have several bites and have seen some crawling on my bed. I think this is an issue for the landlord to remedy immediately. The building seems succeptable to spreading these bugs bc there are heat pipes that run through apts that leave gaps in the ceiling, etc.

After less than one year, bedbugs are back in my apartment. Over the past several months, I've seen numerous mattresses on the sidewalk on 46th between 9th and 10th and have recently spoken to others on the street who've dealt with bedbugs. This neighborhood has a serious problem. I filed a complaint against the NYC Housing and Preservation Department via 311.

First verified Monday, November 10. Not sure how many apartments are involved. Thought it was just mine until I saw garbage bags full of someone's belongings, plus a sofa, mattress and box springs out on the sidewalk in front of the building, so it's quite possible that there is an infestation elsewhere in the building and the infested dweller has discarded these belongings. The property manager did not allude to a report from any other tenant when I phoned them, so it's possible that if there i

s an infestation, it has gone unreported until now, which would be very bad for the whole building. I have experienced numerous bites and have caught 5 bugs in the past week. Exterminator was hired by property manager scheduled for Monday, the 17th.

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