500 W 44th St
New York, NY 10036-3425

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Our apartment has bed bugs (Apt 1B) and we got it from the apartment next door, which is illegally separated from our apartment by the door. The landlord sealed off a door and split the apartment into 2. The landlord has been using an exterminator to try to get rid of the bed bugs but has been unsuccessful. This has been going on since August and it is now almost December. We are not living there, but still paying rent so that our landlord pays for extermination. However, he is not extermina

ting all units, nor pulling up the carpet in the hallways that connects all units. He didnt caulk or take any kind of preventative measures. He also needs to get a different exterminator because the chemicals they are using are obviously bed bug resistant. It's disgusting and we are moving.

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