643 10th Ave
New York, NY 10036-2904

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This building is AWFUL! So besides getting bitten every night by bedbugs which the landlord won't get rid of, its has a major mice problem, even running in the hallways at night. the worst Hells kitchen building I ever rented in!

MAJOR BED BUG INFESTATION at 643 10TH AVENUE- ALL APTS!! It's been going on for years in this building! The landlord Won't use a real exterminator so they breed like crazy in all apts! DO NOT RENT HERE!! Seriously! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I had to move out based on this! STAY AWAY! NO HEAT IN THE WINTER EITHER!

August 2012 Bed Bugs continue to thrive in this building due in large part cause the landlord will not do a building wide extermination with a REAL NYS licensed bedbug specialist. I kill on average 20 bed bugs a night and have multiple bed bug bites. DO NOT RENT IN THIS BUILDING YOU WILL REGRET IT!! STAY AWAY!!!

Warning! Stay Away! This building has a MAJOR infestation of Bedbugs (since 2004) and rodents on every floor...Slumlord doesn't do any extermination at all..ever! Been bitten numerous times! No effort by owner to remove the bedbugs..this has been going on for years here.

Had them back in 2005 and i now have a new infestation Nov 2010. Landlord is not using professional extermination service therefore i assume other apts in this building like mine have bedbugs.

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