418 W 47th St
New York, NY 10036-2303

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In May of 2009, we had what was described by the CPO as the worst residential infestation he has ever seen. It took us 6 months worth of repeat vists, countless loads of laundry, protective covers, and vigilance. I could go on, about everything we did to get rid of those evil blood suckers, but if you're here you know how hard, and all consuming an infestation can be. We took all the protective measures available to ensure that they were gone for good. The landlord is very nice, but as stated

by the other poster, he doesn't understand the magnitude of the problem.

Today, November 14th, 2011, We just had our apt. treated again, because we have a new infestation. So far, we have to dispose of our sectional couch in the living room as it is the main source of the infestation. It begins.... I can't even explain, how much I am dreading going through this process again. What a nightmare.

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There have been bed bugs in this building since at least 2003. Landlord is very nice, but doesn't get magnitude of the problem and won't treat the entire building.

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