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Moved into a furnished room in an apartment on 3/1, which I found through Craigslist.

About three weeks into my tenancy there I noticed a bite on my arm. I thought it might have been a mosquito bite. The next day there were several more.

I started doing research on bedbugs and, with horror, realized that's what was happening. It wasn't until 3/19 that I saw the first one crawling across the bed towards me.

Now I have a bag on the bed, and some spray that's supposed to kill them, but

I still see/kill about three a night and wake up with more bites.

I'm desperately trying to find a new place to live and may even try looking into a lawyer as the person I'm renting the room from was aware there was a bedbug problem, but never said anything and allowed me to sleep there anyway.

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