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I live in apt. #5A, I first heard about possible bedbugs from a neighbor who had them in apt. #2A, surely enough, a week later, I found welts on my daughter and myself. That was in December of 2009. I started to check mattresses for both our rooms and contacted the management office, they sent an exterminator who came twice, in a period of 2 weeks. Its not March 2010 and I yet again have encountered a bed bug issue. I spent this past weekend preparing for the exterminator again. I haven't contac

ted the management office yet but will today. My concern is if the management office is actually using the appropriate exterminator for the problem. I've read articles that say regular insecticides used for roaches and ants do not work on bedbugs. Could that be why they came back? or should the building be treated as well? This is a very disturbing issue.

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