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I moved into apartment C2 in July 2009. By September I was noticing bites. By November I finally figured out what they were after finding one in my bed and looking at images online. My apartment was first treated for bed bugs around the end of November, and then again in December (three weeks after the first treatment).

They seemed to be gone for a while, but eventually they reappeared. I got my fourth overall treatment two days ago (May 24th, 2010). Hopefully they are gone for good because

I'm moving in June and don't want to bring them to my next home.

*Note I had posted the above previously under Manhattan, NY and it did not show up under NY, NY so I am reposting here. Below is a report from May26th-June 30th (the day I moved out).

The bed bug problem was not fixed before the time I moved out. Also the building owner and/or pest control company did not even attempt to properly treat the building until June 30th. That was the first day (according to the exterminator himself) that they had tried to treat any other part of the building. That was also the first day that the exterminators properly treated by apartment by drilling holes in the wall and spraying in them.

And even though they attempted to spray other apartments on the 30th, no one else answered their doors, so mine was the only one treated...again.

So all in all, the problem was never properly addressed when I was living there, and may be ongoing.

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