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UPDATE to my original post on 12/02/15 - exactly NOTHING has changed for the better. NO follow-through whatsoever! I have heard nothing from anyone since all those 12/01/15 promises and reassurances that remediation would be done right away, and the HPD violations have not been cured and are past due for completion. "Management" is still thumbing it's nose not only at good tenants but also at the NYC HPD governing authorities! HPD will be inspecting again any day now and more violations will ens

ue - and accumulating penalties - because all the same issues remain and worsened and more expense accruing. Meanwhile, I and other worried tenants remain at risk while the nightmare continues for another month into a new year. Whether due to ignorance or incompetence or sheer stupidity by this know-nothing-do-nothing management or owner or both, they are certainly NOT reflecting what I know to be the integrity of our awesome "New York Values". It is utterly incomprehensible!

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Have lived here in very nice apartment in a good building in a great low-key area for half a decade. Never any major issue with building before. Have never even seen a bed bug in my life! Suddenly in late July and into August bites all over my body. Bed Bugs first identified in August 2015. Immediately reported to owner/agent. I very proactive in getting their el-cheap exterminator to provide so-called "treatments" consisting mainly of "white powder" around beds in both bedroom and on living roo

m couch. One in early September and a second in ;ate September, Within 2 weeks of both, bed bugs returned as the root causes/locations of infestation had not been addressed. Management very slow to respond and finally a third treatment scheduled for mid October of the same poor quality as previous two ineffective ones, with even worse non-result. Bed bugs had by mid-November multiplied to occupy filing cabinet, night stand, clothes closet, chest of drawers, wicker chairs, dining chair seat cushions, living room couch and love seat, clothes on closet shelves, on an on to many hundreds of dollars to clean/ or dispose of..... Owner not respond at all nor order proper treatment (such as HEAT!) after I had identified source/major location of infestation. "Promise" to fill in floor/woodwork cracks/crevices etc at bed-side infestation sites on Oct 29th. Never shows up and numerous subsequent "promised" dates also no show. Have not been able to occupy bedroom for over 3 months. Have bagged up, cleaned (with dryer heat) and stored in plastic bins all clothing, personal articles, papers etc. Had to throw out some linen, cushions etc from which bed bugs could not be eradicated. With all patience gone, and with no adequate response from owner nor his informing adjacent tenants so they could protect themselves, I filed report with NYC HPD who sent out housing inspector and canine unit. Long list of violations (some I didn't even know about) and of course major infestation of bed bugs verified. Inspector immediately files report same day. Owner's agents show up within 12 hours of "Official Notice" to "survey" and "make a plan" to address all issues and probably will fire exterminating company. We'll see if they do what they are supposed to. It's been a case of a "penny-wise-pound foolish" owner who could have had this cured with heat long ago with minimal loss in rental income and without other tenants now having to be make aware! And the effect on my health of 3+ months of very poor and reduced sleep and consequences of bites/bedbug odor (highly sensitive/allergic) on an immuno-compromised person like me is beyond unconscionable! So far I've done all the work, reminders called, texted, researched and chased down all the answers, found the experts/methods, kept an on-going log of all contacts/efforts/costs, spent/spending a small fortune, have NO life as can't visit anyone or have anyone visit me for dear of spreading the bed bugs, wear and wash the same thing every day as clothes are all stored in plastic bins and can only sit on couch with plastic on it so bed bugs will not crawl over for a meal, and look/feel like the walking dead. Now that NYC authorities have done a great job to compel owner's attention, will see if/when adequate heat-treatment and repairs occur and update if/as progresses; will see if this nightmare ends by the New Year. Happy holidays!

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