601 W 135th St
New York, NY 10031

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601 W 135th St New York, NY 10031 Is Infested with Mice in most apartments Rats and BedBugs as of 1990 The building is extremly dirty I have never in 10years seen anybody sweeping cleaning Drug Dealings is a Fact !!! ive sean Feds break apt doors!!!

My family has been living in this building since early 90's The Building owner Kenneth Moslin Harassas and intimidates the elderly tenants the building is filthy and garbage piled up to the top near entrance of building because the Superintendent Locks the area. The Super is the owners puppet he has Harrassed Tenants as well claiming that they should move etc.The building has had Bed Bug infestation since the early 90'S even though now their are cameras It is a joke outside Thugs urinate in the

building. The Superintendent knows the Drug apartments and keeps a look out! I am sure Kenneth Moslin is in on all those schemes as well. He always is in the building kind of schocking the filth doesnt bother him at all. The Last time the building was painted was in 1992! Tenents have also complained that the building has SHAKED in numerous ocassions, the Fire Dept has been called about this more than many times. It is possible the building is falling apart and the sad part is that the owner Kenneth Moslin could care less all he wants is to Forecefully and illegally Evict Tenants not paying 2k monthly.

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I've been living here since August 2010 and never noticed a thing until I saw bugs crawling on my bed just 3 days ago... Killed one and saw blood. These things must have been here for a long time... I threw our the bed, frame, and baseboard thing and found the infestation to be all over the place under there -- so gross. Looking into getting an exterminator ASAP. I bagged all my clothes, washed everything, and sprayed down my place. WTF.

Entire apartment building was fumigated between August - September 2007.

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