260 Convent Ave
New York, NY 10031-9115

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1/10/2013 - Recently rented an apartment on the fifth floor and it has an infestation. We heard from other neighbors that they are coming in through the walls and small holes between the steam pipes in the ceiling and floor. Landlord would not send exterminator without proof of bugs (and they are hard to catch!) We calked all baseboards and areas between the steam pipes and sprinkled damascus earth around the baseboards and have not been bitten in over a month

lived in three different apartments in this building for the past four years and never had a problem. very well maintained building.

I've lived in my apt for 3 years at this address and never had a problem

In December, exterminators told us they were coming to the building frequently for this problem. From what we can tell, at least 4 apartments have had it SINCE the management claimed the building was cleared. Managmenet also refuses to get bedbug sniffing dog to find the problem. Exterminators say they are throughout the building and will continue to spread.

bed bug infestation reported on the 9th and 10th floors a few months ago. Now it has spread to the 5th floor (october 2008) Management company not being very helpful. The exterminators really wont tell us what to do to prevent other apartments from getting hit.

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