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We lived in the D Tower in an apartment on one of the higher floors from 2014 to 2015. We had bed bug sightings and bites pretty much the entire time. Do not rent from this building!! Bed Bugs travel from apartment to apartment and although the management will send an exterminator to treat your apartment it will not be enough to fully eradicate the infestation. We moved out and hired professional fumigators to treat our moving truck. It's really the only way to ensure you won't take the bugs

with you to your new apartment. It was worth the money. If you live in this building and have bed bugs and are planning to move out, definitely hire a moving company that fumigates all of your belonging in the truck overnight. It costs a lot more but it is the only way to ensure you won't take the bed bugs with you to your new apartment.

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After my fiancee received a few bites on his arm, assume the bites were from mosquitos as they tend to be around and aren't out of the norm. But, after I personally woke up with a couple of bites in the middle of the night, I got my flashlight out and realized that there were at LEAST a dozen bugs on our bed. Absolutely terrifying.

We reported the bed bugs to management and they sent an exterminator who seemed terrified about the infestation we had. After completely saturating my bed, bed

frame, box springs, mattress and baseboards, he said he believes that he killed 90% of the bugs...but suggested that we get rid of our box springs and bed frame as, "the problem is quite extreme. if you would have caught it in enough time, you may have been able to save the bed frame."

He suggested we purchase a metal bedframe as bed bugs aren't attracted to metal and can't easily climb the legs.

I appreciate how quickly they had someone to our place (conveniently he always comes on Thursdays, so maybe we were lucky. But, he admitted that there is a bed bug problem in the building and that he treats multiple new apartments every week.

All in all, this is going to cost us around $500.00 to get under control, but thankfully, the problem seemed contained to not only the bedroom, but simply to the bed.

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Moved into this building mid May. I had never experienced a bed bug infestation or really seen what a bed bug really looked like. So when I spotted one in my apt on July 15th and just one, I thought it may be a tick or small cockroach. I was also experiencing bites, that I thought were possibly a "spider or mosquito" bite.

Fast forward to July 30th and the w/end. I am seeing more than just one of these and when I killed one that was pretty large it dispelled bright red blood, my blood. I kne

w something was not right, low and behold after a short research we are experiencing a bed bug invasion. From where is the mystery? After seeing the reports on this site I am curious to which tower / apt the previous report is from.

After speaking with current residents and the office today I am even less hopeful of receiving the necessary and adequate extermination service to remove this infestation that is a result from and infestation within the building.

One current residents comments when I asked if they have ever experienced bed bug problems today in the elevator, "omg several times! And the apt. buildings exterminator is worthless. They come in and then spray with a spray bottle and that is it. We've had to employ our own exterminators each time to get rid of the problem that keeps coming back."

You can imagine my horror as I am dealing with the first infestation of bed bugs in my entire life. Esp. after reading that the Apt. Buildings owners / managements are responsible for the notification of infestations and the removal treatment of the infestation.

The nightmare has already begun ... stay tuned. This resident will not go quietly, and after reading the previous reports and talking to other residents highly considering a more aggressive approach. I am not interested in living in a place that is ground hog day for bed bug infestations mainly because of the negligent extermination provided by the building management / owner Urban America.

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I moved to this place one year ago. While I had found several cockroaches in the hallway before, I never had any problem of infestations within my unit. I use to vacuum and spray every other week to avoid insects to get into my place. However, I began to notice bites a couple of weeks ago, and until two days ago I finally found these little critters living in my bed and table seats.

I informed to the administration and they are sen

ding an exterminator soon. Talking to the neighbors and administration, it is well known that the building has an infestation of bedbugs. I should have checked this website before renting in this building. I am definitely moving out of here by the end of my lease.

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We moved into this building a little over a year ago. We discovered bed bugs a few weeks after moving in and informed management immediately, and to their credit, they arranged for treatment immediately. After several treatments, we thought we beat the bugs. Several months went by without any sightings or bites. But then they returned. It is rumored here that they exist throughout the building and that they have existed here for years. We were never told anything about bed bugs before movin

g in. We are moving out as we are convinced it will be an un-winnable battle. It has been a very stressful year here. If you are considering moving in here, I would highly advise asking for a treatment history for the specific unit you are considering moving into, and surrounding units if possible, because management will most likely not offer up the info.

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Started getting bitten about a week ago. Called the office on Thursday morning and they had the pest control come Friday afternoon, after I'd had time to do all of the prep work (washing/drying/bagging) all of our clothes, etc. Spent $450 on bags, mattress/box spring covers, steamer, plastic sealing bags for the temporary 2 week period when all of our stuff will be bagged up. Exterminator came today and was very pleasant. Treated the apartment and answered all of my questions.

We'll see what

happens in a few days/weeks.

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the building 3333 broadway is infected with bed bugs and nobody is doing anything. my apartment got the bed bugs from the next door neighbor and he must have gotten it from the little closet in the buildings hallway. i have no idea what to do because im low income and they have already tryed to exterminate and said they will come back in two weeks which was two months ago and they never re-visited my apartment since. im just fed up and tired of complaining and the office did tell my mom that thi

s building is extremley infested and there are people scared to come forward with the problem. they are suffering in silence because of the embarrasement of these infectation. my daughters arms and legs are covered in bites and im scared to take her to a doctor appointment thinking ACS will be called. i did all i could and now i have nothing to do but suffer.

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I currently live in this building and have been experiencing bed bugs for about 5 months now. At first the bites were infrequent and happened once every few days. I thought it was an allergy to the new mattress that I bought and foolishly threw out the mattress. But after purchasing another mattress I realized that it was an insect infestation. For 5 months I didn't see any bugs and though I'd read about bed bugs I didn't notice any of the telltale signs (fecal matter, smells, scurrying insects,

etc.). I did see a spot of dried blood a few times but didn't know that indicated the presence bed bugs. With the lack of evidence I was convinced it was bird mites from the large number of pigeons in the area. However, a few days ago I saw my first tiny perpetrator. An adult female bed bug stuffed with my blood sitting on the sheets! I grabbed some tissue and nabbed it quickly and dropped it all in a ziplock bag. Now I'm just waiting for the exterminator to come tomorrow to spray. Hopefully, they'll treat the apartment a few times to make sure the pests have been eliminated.

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I lived in this building from September to December of 2007. Every room in the apartment was infested with bed bugs and it resulted in hundreds of dollars worth of furniture being thrown away. The owner's were relatively receptive, slowly getting an exterminator in for us, but they did barely anything and the bugs stayed. Somehow we were able to keep from bringing them into our new homes. There were also roaches everywhere. I don't know if these problems have been fixed, but I definitely re

commend staying far, far away from this place!

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