610 W 142nd St
New York, NY 10031-6605

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The building had bed bugs last year (2009) and it was gone after people who brought them moved out. Extermination alone is not helping in case where people are not willing to clean their apartments. It was hard work for everyone to clean out the building, although there were no many apartments infested. Many use this website for personal purposes as this add in May 2010. She moved out because she did not pay her rent not because of the bed bugs. There are no bed bugs in the building not even ro

aches. If you are looking for apartment in any building, you have to ask Real-estate agent about the infestation. The new low is coming out, that all property owners in the city, must tell new tenant about the bed bug infestation in past year.
Our building is BUGS FREE and my neighbors are nice and smart people who do not bring anything from the street and do not buy used furniture.
However, watch out in the trains, busses and especially hotels.

God luck everyone!

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this building has been infested with bed bugs since 6/2009 and they have only exterminated up until 12/2009. they remain in my apartment and i'm moving since management chooses not to do anything.

Only two exterminations have happened so far in my apartment and since bedbugs HAVE NOT been eliminated in the surrounding apartments I am worried that they will migrate to my apartment. From what I\\\'ve read there needs to be more than 2 exterminations to effectively eliminate bed bugs. Many of the other tenants have complained that the cheaper exterminator they chose does not specialize in bed bugs. Also, the landlord waited until the bedbugs began to spread to several apartments before no

tifying the tenants that there was an infestation.

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We Just had a meeting in the lobby with the super about the bedbug reports in the Building.

Discovered multiple closely spaced raised red bug bites on my body (first on right arm, then on torso). Caught bedbug this morning before daylight.

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