100 W 139th St
New York, NY 10030-2201

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The landlord in this building is sweet and g-d bless her. Before she came took over, this building was a disaster. Bad people and falling apart. If you bring used furniture off the street or second hand items...guess what? You are going to bring in bedbugs!!! The apartments in this building are extremely well kept and well worth the value.

I COMPLETELY disagree with the post about the landlords taking charge of this problem, and I do not feel like they take care of their tenants at ALL. I've been informed BY the landlord that there are at least 4 apartments in this building (including my own) currently infested with bed bugs. They provided us with REALLY cheap and completely inadequate "exterminators" (I feel that a man with a squirt bottle hardly qualifies as an exterminator...I could have done what he did myself with a store bou

ght product), and the landlords were rude and uncooperative throughout the entire process. And guess what....after the extermination, we STILL found bed bugs. Do not live here. They do not look out for you. I cannot wait to move out.

Oh...and bed bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness. Five star hotels and million dollar mansions have been infested with bed bugs. It's all in the research...

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I have to say, I've lived in this building for almost 30 years and can tell you that the bedbug problem was the result of two apts who were completely filthy. The tenants did not know how to bath and clean their home. The landlord (g-d bless her) immediately took action and rectified the situation immediately.

They are everywhere. I know because my friend had them. Majority of the building is infested with bedbugs, if not then little mice. Becareful how close you get to the walls.

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