111 W 141st St
New York, NY 10030-1830

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Found a couple bed bugs about end of Jan. 2011 in my room. Trapped one in a bag to confirm it was bed bugs. It took the building a week before they contacted an exterminator to make an appointment, but they did come. They inspected my bug and confirmed it was a bed bug. While cleaning our rooms to prep for extermination I didn't see much evidence in my room but in my roommates' room there must have been at least 500+. He lifted up his bed to take it apart and it made a noise like a rain maker as

they all came crashing to the floor. I have truly been scarred for life and cannot wait to leave this horrible building. We have only had our first treatment and I am sure the problem isn't completely gone We live on the first floor, the section just off as you enter and not the one past the mailboxes.

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I noticed bites in November and had no idea what was causing them. In January I found a bedbug and contacted the landlord. An exterminator came in early February, and I started getting bites again 3 weeks later. I am terminating my lease early and moving out. Apparently the exterminating company makes a lot of money from Pinnacle buildings...slumlords that they are. I live on the 3rd floor.

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