127 East 110th Street
New York City, NY 10029

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The end of Jun 2015. my neighbour got the bedbugs. Told to a lendlord. The landlord did not want to pay professionals to treat the apartment, so the neighbour paid by himself, threw literary the whole furniture away and did not sleep in the apartment 2 weeks. Right away I called up some bedbug guys to check up my apartment and he said I didn't have them. I bought matress and other protectors just in case. At the end of July I got them. I told to the lendlord and found out that 5 more apartments

in the building got them. He still does not want to pay any professionals. Instead a super is doing the whole process with some organic chemicals (we do not know which one) because we have a pregnant woman in the building. I did not sleep in the apartment for 2 weeks Last night I found out that two more apartments have the bedbugs. The whole building has 20 apartments. I know for approx. 10 by now.
On a top of it, tenants are throwing their furniture, leaving them uncovered next to the building's door.
In meanwhile, the landlord is just "pissed", excuse my french, and points a finger at a person who brought the bedbugs in. And, of course, he knows better then anyone how to get rid of them and saying when winter comes they will be all gone because the heat from the pipes is going to kill them.

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