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I got a bite on my arm a little over a month ago, and requested the management company send over an exterminator to do an inspection for bed bugs. The exterminator showed up and didnt do an inspection, instead he just had me wash and bag all of my clothes and belongings and sprayed down my bed and bedroom area. But then yesterday I woke up with three more bites and decided to do an insanely thorough cleaning of my apt and found 3 bed bugs... I just moved to this apt in February an

d I'm already trying to get out, I've lived in NY for years and have never had any issues with bed bugs, I think this may be a problem in the building. I'm going to ask the management company one more time before I start reporting to 311 and try to get an early termination of my lease, I can't deal with an infested building...

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I noticed one day that I had a couple random red spots show up on my wrist, forearm and each ankle. They jut appreared all if the sudden while I was at work. They looked like mosquito bites. But I was immediately concerned they werebed bugs and asked few ppl. Some told me they werent cuz they didnt itch and i didn't have a bunch of them and they were not patterned like most bedbug bites ppl get. Well I went home an researched what to look for an sure enough I found two. They were huge tho, much

bigger than I thought, bout 2-3 times the size of a tick. I had bed bug spray that I picked up as sprayed them like crazy and the whole futon and I also removed and squashed them with a stack of Kleenex. I noticed what looked like tiny little white things that according to online were eggs. So I carefully spray and got rid of what I thought was all of them. I also removed the futon cover to sendit to the cleaners. I didn't get anymore bites. I also kept checking daily for more bugs. well when I got the futon coer back and put it back on, the next day I had 3 more random bites. I searched the cover again and this time found a very tiny bedbug, so small I almost didn't see him wen inspecting with a flashlight. So I'm not washing the cover myself and called the building management office. Im still waiting for the exterminator to call me back AGAIN to set up an appt to come fumigate my apt. I hope that will take care of the problem. The worst part is this only started to occur after I had purchased an article of clothing online from ebay that was new woth tags and it was shipped to me. Never had any problems at all in the first 2 months I lived here. So please beware of buying anything from another person instead of a actual supplier because I'm almost positive this is how they got into my apt. It's creepy and I feel so gross having this problem in my apartment. I want them gone!

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