164 E 107th St
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I am considering moving into the building, but am scared now that I read all the reports about the bed bug issue in the building. Can someone please tell me if the issue has been resolved, or is it ongoing and there are still bedbugs in the building? Thank you so much!

Management states that the problem is caused by the tenants themselves, they bring the bugs with them when they move in. They are lax in resolving the problem and this has been going on since 2001.
I guess it's a good way to clear the apartment so new tenants can move in a pay triple what the apartment is really worth.

1295 Fifth Avenue - Now known As The Heritage, formerly Schomburg Plaza

I have been fighting bed bugs since February of 2010. The next door neighbor moved out 18 months ago, after fighting an infestation in her apartment. She threw way everything. The apartment was vacant for 13 months. Three (3) weeks after the new neighbors moved in, I started to get bit. It is now June, and after exterminations, and one final inspection, I'm hoping things are under control. Bed Bugs can live up to 13

months within the walls and baseboards. they don't die easily, and are smarter than roaches.

However, the apartments above, below and around any infected apartment must be treated in order to get the best result from anything you do.

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Is thihs still going on as of May 09?

I lived in the building from April - Sept 08 and my apartment became infested with bedbugs. Management has still not treated the entire building. Neighbors were not interested in discussing situation, so I have no idea what other units are infested.

I live in this building as well. The problem is the exterminator and the owner\'s unwillingness to admit that this is a building problem and must be dealt with as such. There also seems to be a few reluctant tenants in the buildings who do not want to admit the problem because of the stigma attached to bed bugs.

The exterminator actually said, \"it\'s impossible for the bugs to travel up pipes or through walls\" even after my husband and I both noted that we saw them coming up from pipes

in the bathroom. We were also told that it was okay to sleep on the couch until we felt \"safe\" to go back to the bed.

The treatments were over a month apart and with very limited spray. A bug bomb, which probably made the problem worse for everyone else, was used on our apartment.

Right now we have millions of other room mates in our apartment who aren\'t paying rent and we\'re wondering why should we at this point?

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We heard that there were bed bugs reported in the apartment below, but didn't think anything about it. Even when I started waking up with bites, I didn't think they were bed bugs. Especially because my boyfriend wasn't getting bit and it looked like mosquito
bites. I had seen pictures and it didn't look like the small bites I had seen. But then I kept getting bit and I started to do some more research about it on the internet. At last, we admitted that bed bugs might be the culprit. We called

the exterminator and he came and sprayed our room. He said without evidence of an actual bug, he couldn't really do more. I have yet to see an actual bug even though we've looked everywhere. We put mattress covers on our mattress and bought plastic bags and we keep caulking our room. I didn't get bitten for a couple of weeks after the spray and so I thought we had rid of them. But right when I relaxed , I started to get bit again. The bites really hurt and I am now afraid to sleep. I have to spray off! bug spray on myself every night before bed and I can barely sleep anymore. This problem is really getting to my sanity and what bothers me is that the building knows they have a problem and yet they are not tackling the problem the way they should tackle it. How bad does it have to get before people will wake up to this epidimic? I can't bare this for much longer and will eventually move to a place which is hopefully free of bed bugs!

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The problem has been spreading from apartment to apartment but the management keeps denying it is an apartment wide problem.

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