204 E 112th St
New York, NY 10029-2907

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There are bedbugs, mice, problems with the water and rats where the garbage is. This building is just a mess. The management only does something after the inspectors come around and fine them. I have called 311 and reported them probably about a hundred times and the only time you see any one but the super is when they have received a couple of fines. The super tries but there\'s nothing he can do they don\'t answer his calls they just ignore him. They don\'t care at all and I have a child. Almo

st every apartment in the building has children in it and the building and city just don\'t care. I don\'t use the second bedroom because it\'s infested with creatures. So my child has to sleep in the living room which also is the kitchen. Also don\'t be fooled if you see an apartment it is has nice hard wood. It\'s really cheap hard wood that disintegrates after a month of usage. I have gotten tons of splinters. The city says the only thing I can do is take them to court. However I take them to court it\'ll be on my record that I was in court with my landlord and will black ball me from getting future apartments. So there\'s nothing I can do because I can\'t afford to break my lease. If my apartment was cheap there would be a little comfort for the hell I live in but I\'m paying way over a thousand dollars a month. I have given up.

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