239 E 115th St
New York, NY 10029-2105

Found 3 reports:

3/10/11 - STILL bedbugs infesting this building and the 2 adjacent buildings. Extermination reports are useless. Neighbors have been told to keep bugs they find in plastic bags in the freezer for proof.

As of May 16, 2010, there are still bedbugs in this building.

On numerous occasions since July 2007 to present, there have been numerous reports with HPD and through 311 on infestations of bedbugs in this building. In August 2006 and in August 2007, the entire building of 239 East 115th Street was fumigated for bedbug infestations. Bedbug sightings and reports are still being made to the slumlord and to HPD.

No nearby bug reports