518 E 83rd St
New York, NY 10028-7201

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Totally infested - I agree with all the other posters. The super was great, but they want to spray for the bed bugs themselves, which is not effective at all. The infestation here is heavy, I had to break my lease out of my studio just to get away.

I live in this building in the spring of 2010 for a couple of months and our apartment was infested terribly with bed bugs I quickly broke out in dozens of bites all over my body from my feet and legs to My arms and even my face! It was SO scary and I only wish I had known about this problem and this website sooner! The landlord, an old lady Barbara seems really sweet and nice and insisted there are no bugs but that they're doing their own spraying and will not call in true professionals saying

it is too expensive! If you ever got a peek into her apartment/office it is disgustingly filled with clutter, dirt, mess, disgusting things and so her perspective and ability to see things might just be totally warped. PLEASE live here at your own risk, but you'll almost definitely have a horrible break out. bed bugs are ugly itchy and PAINFUL and you have to throughly get cleaned or throw out items it gets to which is everything from furniture to mattresses, clothes etc. Be warned!!

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This building is infested with bedbugs. The landlord denies there is a problem and insist on doing their own spraying, which is not effective. The bedbugs where visible in my apartment even during the day, and there is a sweet smell in the entire building, so I think the infestation is heavy. I got out of there in a hurry, but I am scared for life.

This place is infested with bedbugs!!!! Live here at your own risk.

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