444 E 82nd St
New York, NY 10028-5981

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I am a tenant in the mentioned building. I am wondering what the actual status is on the infestation of the two apartments listed. And especially, if this has spread any further. If anyone has any information, please update this blog.

I have been told that the bed bugs have now spread to a neighboring apartment on the second floor.

The super and management should conduct a more thorough treatment of 2M and any other affected homes in order to combat further infestation.

I have been following this bed bug blog.
With the arrival of potent pesticides, famously DDT in the 1940s, bed bugs almost disappeared in Western countries. So to say “there have been no bed bugs here for 41 years”, makes no sense. There were virtually no bed bugs in NYC until about 5 years ago!
The tenants are asking to be updated on the bed bug status in this building, not the Universe and God.
I suspect as others the super is posing as a tenant threatening other tenants who ha

ve concerns and complaints, this is completely unprofessional and unacceptable.
All anyone wants are status updates, and for this problem to be taken care of properly. The reason many of us are concerned is that the management has been inefficient in maintaining this building.

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It is amazing how many people can conjure up hysteria . You say you need to involve your entire building and require a note be left in the lobby to inform that your having a bedbug situation .Please your a renter and live two doors down . Stop being a fake come out of the closet or the matress so I can speak to you like a man and squash you like a fly ! I'm very sure you have received information from the exterminator . I don't think that management would purposely leave you in the dark (Ha HA

) .Besides this wasn't created by management. If I read correctly from the dhcr the city of new york requires management to post a letter to your neighbors advising them of the situation .It doesn't say god and it's creation .
If your paying full market share why don't you move that seems to be your motive . I live here for along time .this is the first time in 41years.

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Hello -

I know the exterminator came to fumigate 2M after a substantial infestation two weeks ago and that he also inspected everyone's apartments. However, I was under the impression that both management and the exterminator told the tenant to throw out his grocery shopping cart. The cart is full of books and toys which could very well be infested.

Today, I saw him, as always, carting the items down the hallway, into the elevator, through the lobby and onto the street where he sells the

m. I'm really concerned because if these items do contain bed bugs, they could easily continue the infestation in our building.

I just don't understand why this hasn't been dealt with. There are a lot of children and infants in this building and I think it's really dangerous to be so ambivalent about a potential health hazard. Why should one person's attachment to an old cart trump everyone else's safety?

Additionally, not that this is the building's problem, but he is selling the items to the public. Someone could unknowingly buy an infested toy and bring it home to their child. It's just plain unacceptable.

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Per the comment below...who exactly do you think you are fooling? I suggest you spend more time doing your job and focus on returning the building to its former glory rather than masquerading as a tenant on BBR. Then perhaps ACTUAL PAYING tenants won't have anything to complain about. Como se dice lazy ass?

It is suggested that this person get a life and stop trying to create an issue. If no one is talking about it, it's because there is nothing to say. Too many people with nothing contructive to do except create mischief. Your comments are meaningless. Perhaps you should look into housing throughout the city that have these issues continously and go to one of them and lend your expertise to them. You might be appreciated.

Why did I find out about this by just happening to see the exterminator going into the building? There should be a notice in the lobby. The whole building should be notified. Are there still bed bugs? I don't know? No one is saying! I do not know the details and bed bugs can happen through no ones fault, but this was not handled properly, as to the way things where thrown out! And not telling the other tenants!

Interesting how that sounds more like a sad and pathetic cover-up attempt on behalf of a negligent management member as opposed to an actual tenant. Creo que si.

Interesting how that sounds more like a sad and pathetic cover-up attempt on behalf of a negligent management member as opposed to an actual tenant. Creo que si.

The occupants of this apt have been living in this building for almost as long as the building has been up. Over forty years. Nice people who had no idea what was going on. The management in this building is a very efficient and well meaning outfit. They did advise us as soon as they had the facts clear. Misinformation is just as bad as no information and sometimes even worse. Tenants are sometimes victims of their own follies and although instructed will occasionally not follow these instr

uctions. People have a way of exaggerating to get their way or make their point stronger. The tenants in 2-M are by no means aggressive. Whoever submitted this report has a vivd imagination spiced with fears that are beyond all reason. All buildings have issues like this as we all know simply by reading the newspapers. I sincerely hope not all buildings have such a healthy dose of hysterics as some of my fellow tenants seem to have here at 444 E. 82nd St.

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The apartment 2M has a severe bed bug infestation brought in by the current tenant. It went unnoticed and unreported for an extended period of time.

The furniture and mattresses were not properly disposed of, having been unwrapped and left in the hallway and trash room overnight. They were then carted onto the street, where they were dumped, uncovered and unlabeled.

After requests by neighbors to properly dispose of items and not leave bags of clothing and linens lying in the

hallway, the tenant became aggressive.

The building did not efficiently handle the problem or promptly alert neighboring tenants of the issue. Only a few of the neighboring apartments were effectively inspected and only after repeated requests.

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