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I just want to add that this was a story that ended well. The landlord (Eberhart) took care of the problem by sending their exterminator, Peter, as many times as it took to get rid of the vile and nasty creatures. He's a very experienced and knowledgeable guy and knew what to do to (eventually) get rid of them, without having to throw away any of our furniture. Our apartment has been bedbug free for more than six months already.

We captured a bed bug on our bed early this morning, June 18, 2011. We moved into this apartment only four weeks ago, and my wife began noticing bites about a week later. But the biting stopped for a while after we got window screens, so we thought it must have been mosquitos. Then a couple days ago she started getting bitten again, and this morning we caught a bug on the bed, put it on sticky paper, macro photographed it, zoomed in and sure enough, that's a cimex.

It's now obvious to us that

this apartment was infested before we moved in. But we have not heard of any other infested apartments in this building, and we don't have any reason to suspect our management company of hiding the infestation. In fact they have a good policy of sending an exterminator on the rounds of their apartments monthly, to knock on your door and offer to check your place out. Unfortunately we sent him away on his first visit, which happened to be right after we moved in and before we even suspected any problem. So we are perplexed why the previous tenants apparently didn't notice or report that they were living with bed bugs, for god knows how long.

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