301 E 84th St
New York, NY 10028-2903
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This building still has an on-going bed-bug problem. I moved in Sept '11; was informed per my lease the problem had been contained last year. Within 2 weeks of being there, the entire building was send a memo that numerous apts had infestations. I had a bed bug dog inspection and was told that the bugs are in the heating system and walls of the building.

The building is infested with bed bugs, tenants have to continuously be cautious and check for bed bugs on a daily basis. I would not suggest moving in to this building unless you dont mind checking your tub every morning for bed bugs before you step in to take a shower.

FOUR treatments later I am finding bed bugs in my bathroom. This building is infested.

After numerous requests to the management company, they have still not treated my apartment properly. The management company has demonstrated a continual disrespect towards their tenants through there inaction.

For a five floor residential building, 25 apartments, there are confirmed 7-9 cases of bed bugs, some are neighboring apartments, some are spread on different floors. Its only getting worse. We are receiving minimal help from management.

The building has had an issue with bed bugs for the past four months, and did not address the issue until a tenant who had an infestation herself wrote a letter to each and every tenant and told them of the on-going problem. After that letter was sent out, the mgt company slid a note underneath our doors saying it was under control and that bed bugs dont travel between apartments. Well for someone that has been in this business as long as she has, she should know a thing or two how bed bugs spre

ad. The bugs have spread between floors, between neighboring apartments, they've been seen in the hallways. And dont even bother asking for help, they are completely unresponsive and are holding tenants responsible to pay for all costs incurred. Imagine having spent $3,000 on cleaning your apartment/clothes/throwing out furniture, and the landlord will not reimburse you whatsoever. The problem is spreading like wild fire and management says she is doing all she can, well, shes not.

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In the past two months, there are bedbugs in at least 5 (of the 25) units in the building. The landlord and management company are doing nothing pro-active about treating the problem, which is clearly endemic to the building at this point. They refuse to visit aggressive treatment methods. Furthermore, the management company and landlord won't help tenants with any costs associated with treating and/or getting rid of the bedbugs beyond extermination, even after units have been fumigated more

than twice, sometimes even up to three or four times.

The management company and landlord are unresponsive, unprofessional, and soon, their entire building will be infested due to the lack of action on their behalf.

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There have been bedbugs in our building in several apartments. The management company has refused to bring in heftier repellant such as dogs or heaters. After 3 treatments in some people's units, the bugs continue to appear and attack. The management company won't reimbursement people for their damages, pain and suffering and is playing total hardball in fixing the problem.

There are several outbreaks within the building and the management company knew for 4 months before tenants were notified.

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