240 E 82nd St
New York, NY 10028-2702

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May 2010 woke up with intense itching and 3 huge welts on my leg. Assumed they were mosquito bites and dismissed it. Then the next morning woke up with more. I asked the doorman if there had ever been a report of bed bugs in the building and he said that someone had actually reported it the day before. Later found out that there have been several reports of bed bugs in the building and management just tries to hush everyone up. They dismissed our report so I had to hire my own exterminator to

come in and take care of it and paid out of pocket. Thankfully it was a fairly mild case and we were able to get rid of it by being very diligent with washing and getting rid of some furniture that we had that was wood and porous. The funny thing is though that the building staff is so irresponsible here that the next day when I went into the laundry room, one of our chairs what we had thrown out was in there for people to sit on.

Additionally, the poor woman who had reported it the day before us had been infested with them for over 12 months and the management just ignored her, telling her it was just water bugs. Her apt has been treated at least 3 times even with the special "heat" treatment. Last time I bumped into her in the lobby she said that she's still having problems.

This building is also infested with mice. We've caught 15 in the last 2 months. I don't suggest moving here.

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