1574 2nd Ave
Manhattan, NY 10028-2604

Found 2 reports:

August 2011- roommate found bugs in our bathroom. We moved here in June and were assured that there would be no problems in this building. Since then, we've both been bitten, my roommate so badly that she's likely going to have scars on her back. The landlord provided an exterminator, but only 3 days later (and after spending 100's of dollars on additional sprays and drycleaning) the bugs were back.

Because the building is older, there are cracks between the floors and the walls that are goin

g to make it impossible to fix the situation until the landlord allows all tenants to move out so the problem can be treated properly and the building can be fixed. Along with the costs mentioned above, we'll soon have to buy more sheets and mattress covers, since the ones we own now have bloodstains on them from the bites.

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April 4, 2011 caught a bug in bed. Woke up with tons of bites all over my back. Confirmed with the exterminator that this was a bed bug. Now we are spending 100s of dollars to get rid of them. We also found out we are not the only people in the building to have bed bugs.

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