172 E 82nd St
New York, NY 10028-1803

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This entire building is infested, and the management has not been helpful since day one. We have been dealing with this issue for close to 6 months now with no end in sight. We started in an apt on the 4th floor, and eventually they let us move into an apt on the 1st floor that according to them had no bugs, even though we continue to get bitten and have seen live bugs in the new apt. We have been aggressive and diligent about treatment and have hired our own PCO in addition to the one sent in

by our super. The building continues to send in ineffective exterminators who seem to know next to nothing about how to truly address the issue. This entire building has a massive problem, it is not just isolated to one apartment.

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No one is telling us the truth.
The exterminators have been here twice and still my roommate woke up with bites on her shoulder.
i WANT OUT!!!!

exterminator found bedbugs in both of our bedrooms and did an aggressive treatment. they will do a follow up visit in 10 days.
my roommate was bitten.

Roommate woke up bitten all over at beginning of Jan 2010. Exterminnator came and said they were only in one room but turned out they were all over the apartment and in the walls. exterminators have come 3 times already with no luck.

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