408 W 130th St
New York, NY 10027-7502

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I am currently being treated for the second time in 4 months for bedbugs in this apartment. I am miserable! Ive been waking up with bites for the past few days. I am in the middle of sealing and washing all my belongings again and after my prior experience, I'm not convinced that this will even work. Upon moving in here. I bought bedbug covers for my mattress, box spring, and pillows. I've never bought old/used furniture from anywhere. Other people on my floor have been treated within the last

year of my being here. I dont know if bugs are just migrating from one unit to another after being treated, or if the exterminators that the building is using are not doing their job properly while treating units. But it is a major problem in this building and around the block! Other than paying for (possibly subpar) exterminations, the building has not taken care of other structural issues (sealing floors/caulking, etc). This is an absolute nightmare.

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We've had a bedbug infestation since the beginning of July that has required four treatments. I'm told that other apartments in the building have been infested, both currently and in the recent past. Aside from paying exterminator costs, management hasn't been very proactive in resolving the issue (helping with 'sealing' the apartment, i.e., caulking, wood putty for the floor, etc.).

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