262 W 122nd St
New York, NY 10027-5408

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on the surface, this is a great apartment for the price. but wait, there's a catch

we learned there has been a BB problem for 3+ years, likely due to apts down below that have never been treated, or colonies living in the walls. exterminators came to this conclusion when they saw BBs kept appearing in empty closets outside the bedroom despite the 8+ treatments.

we learned the extermination company the landlord will happily hire as many times as you want has a reputation for watering down t

reatments AND forging receipts to make more $$.

do a quick google search on infamous landlord barry/baruch singer before you decide to move in. and if you get bed bugs, please please PLEASE report them to 311 so landlords like this one have to start solving the issue.

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after tracking down the previous tenant of my unit, it was concerned that bed bugs are living in the walls. the landlord is negligent and denies the fact that the same unit has been infested multiple times. all tenants should be concerned.

Landlord paid for 3 sprays, 1x week for three weeks. So far so good but we are still waiting a few weeks to make sure they are gone before unpacking. Like previous tenants they suspect they came from another apt in the building. It has already been a month and we are just hoping they are gone.

Unfortunately, just now found dead baby roaches in the kitchen cupboards thanks to the d-earth we had sprinkled everywhere under the sink in our efforts to kill every bug. This is the first ti

me i've EVER seen a roach in this place... not to mention having to constantly kill mice! Why us, why us...

I am no longer comfortable in this apartment and am starting to wonder if it's worth it.

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11/23/10 We just found a bed bug. Sealed it into a plastic bag, unfortunately there is no question- it's a bed bug.

We suspect this may be a building problem and are contacting the exterminator and landlord immediately. Wondering whether or not we should notify others in the building.

Update: Our management company was awesome, and paid for us to get sprayed. It took four visits from the exterminator, but (crossing fingers) no trouble since then. I can't tell what the deal is with the rest of the building, but it seems fine...

We have bedbugs. At first, we thought we got it from a recent hotel stay, but the exterminator came and suspected that we may have gotten it from another apt. in the building. He's bug-bombed us once, but my bf is still getting a few bites. We're going to try and get them to come back and spray again. So gross...

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