98 Morningside Ave
New York, NY 10027-5131

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I wrote a report for the Riverside Inn, 319 W 94th Street, the staff of Riverside Inn turned down my suggestion for escaping the bedbugs at my hotel by moving to the Morningside Inn, being run by the same management and owner.

Everything I wrote there might therefore be of interest to you.

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Good luck!

I've been getting multiple bites for a while but didn't suspect anything until two weeks ago, because I assumed it was mosquito bites from leaving the window open. Two weeks ago, we left the window closed and since then I have still been getting bites. I have dozens of bite marks on my arms and legs. Last night I found and squished 5 bed bugs at 4 in the morning. Today, I bagged three of them while searching the wooden bed frame and mattress.

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