121 La Salle St
New York, NY 10027-4651

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Moved in 6 months ago and I have no complaints about this building. I had heard about the possible bed bug issues but have found nothing of the type. The management is more than helpful and they respond to your call within a few hours. If there ever were any problems, which I doubt, its defiantly been taken care of now.

I moved out of this place because of the bed bugs!


ps. There is disgusting family living in this building who have probably been there from the time slugs crawled out of the ocean.

I'd put my money on the fact they live in complete filth and are part of the reason the bugs keeping coming 'back'.

(I can't imagine these people who do nothing but smoke in the hallways and drink 40's actually clean.)

Tenants in apt. 18 moved out suddenly in mid-July, leaving all furniture behind. Workmen who were cleaning and painting the apartment told neighbors that the tenants "just wanted the apartment painted" but were not moving out. I heard later that they moved out due to an infestation of bedbugs that persisted despite several rounds of extermination.

Apt 14 and 15 , at least, have them. Apt 15 moved out. Apt 14 exterminated recently.

Bed bugs found in at least three apartments, but I know there were others. Landlords/Property Management Company were slow to respond and could care less. ( We had to call multiple times and harass them before we ever heard a response. ) It took over a month to even get the first treatment. I'd put my money on the fact the entire building is infested and the bugs just move from apt to apt depending on who is spraying that week.

Bed bugs found on August 27 in apartment next to previously infected and treated apartment, which was also reinfested despite multiple treatments. Landlord sent exterminator, and follow up visit is scheduled.

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