301 Saint Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10027-4323

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There are absolutely bed bugs in the apartment building at 301 St. Nicholas Ave.!!! Be warned!!!

I moved into an apt. on the 4th floor a couple months ago (subletting) and the 'lovely ladies' I'm rooming w/ failed to tell me that they were battling bed bugs! In fact, I learned from the exterminator HIMSELF that not only did the previous tenant of my room encounter them but the entire floor is having issues w/ bed bugs. I'd just steer clear from the building altogether as bed bugs can travel t

hrough walls i.e. up/down/side to side.

So now I have to move again but not w/ out heat treating, steaming, washing, and dry cleaning ALL my clothes(I now have a $450 dry cleaning bill- thanks ladies!!) and keeping everything 'quarantined' until I get to my new place as to keep them dead, gone forever, and not traveling w/ me to my next location.

Note: The landlord has done a fine job handling the situation (attentive, sends the exterminator out who comes in a very timely fashion) but the person I sublet from completely lied about the fact that they had bed bugs after I confronted said person (though, again, the exterminator told me they definetely have this problem and I ALSO came across a receipt for extermination services in the beginning of April saying that my bedroom had 'live bed bugs' and sprayed throughout the entire apt. to treat them).

Good luck on your apt./home search but steer clear from the 4th fl./this building. AHHH!!!!!

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