191 Claremont Ave
New York, NY 10027-4033

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We found about 12 bed bugs over the last 4 days in one of the bedrooms in our apartment (a shared apartment sublet through Columbia University). The individual who inhabits that room comes from a military background and always has an immaculately clean room, minimally furnished with absolutely no clutter. Nothing was stored under his bed and all of our mattresses are sealed in bed bug covers.

The exterminator showed up at 9am this morning even though I told the management company that we wo

uld not be ready until noon. We had not finished packing up the apartment and none of the outlet covers had been removed. The exterminators were in a hurry and said they wanted to treat anyway. Because one of the bedrooms hadn't been packed, they left that bedroom completely untreated.

The entire chemical treatment took about 20 minutes during which they sprayed a chemical along the walls in areas that were easily accessible. They did not move or inspect furniture, nor did they spray behind the desks and dressers. They did not treat or inspect any of the bagged items, as described in the information sheet they sent us. They also did not do anything to the outlets or light switches, even though the instructions from the fact sheet said to remove all outlet covers. I am extremely skeptical that this is a sufficient treatment based on everything that we have read about bed bug extermination.

Furthermore, despite multiple requests, the super has not come to patch any of the cracks in the plaster, the gaps at the floorboards or the broken/loose outlet covers.

The property management has been aware of bed bugs in apartments at 189 and 191 Claremont since at least 2007 and has responded with minimal action. Inadequate exterminations, (such as the one we received) move the bed bugs from one apartment to another (which is why we now have them).

I believe this is grossly negligent and I will be notifying Columbia University's legal department and the New York Department of Health of our experience.

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This began with one unit and has spread to about half of building. Landlord is not exterminating correctly and bed bugs continue to spread and reappear in units that were thought to have been eradicated. Tenants have begun to move out and landlord is just renting units out without making sure adjoining apts. are clear of bed bugs. Shame on Heller Realty. Do not move into this building.

Many apartments in building 191 have bedbugs. They started in one apartment, were not treated properly, and spread. They continue to spread and are not treated properly.
189 Claremont, sister property, also has bedbugs in several units.

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