184 Claremont Ave
New York, NY 10027-4008

Found 5 reports:

Moved in about a year ago, was worried at first because of these past reports of bed bugs. I can assure you that there is no longer any such problem. All apartments are inspected by terminators on a regular basis to make sure the problem never resurfaces. The landlord is on top of his game.

This building is completely infested. There have been reports on all floors with no action taken by management. DO NOT RENT AT THIS BUILDING OR NEIGHBORING BUILDINGS.

Bedbugs started in 4E, over 3 years ago. The tennants were scared to tell anyone. Now they have infested the adjoining apartments, especially 5E upstairs. The landlord has sent an exterminator almost 10 times, but hasn't accomplished much. Tennants are moving out of 5E immediately after having dealt with this problem for over 6 months.

This problem was mild and was properly fixed by the landlord.

Apartment 4E has bedbugs and they spread to the neighboring apartments. The landlord is trying to fix the problem.

No nearby bug reports