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About 6 months ago, I got a few bites I thought were bedbugs. The exterminator came and told us he couldn't find any sign of bedbugs and that there hadn't been any report in our building, but he sprayed the bedroom anyway.

I continued to get a few bites every few weeks, but not necessarily bedbug pattern (several in one area). We were also traveling quite a bit at the time.

Fast forward to last week. I was lying in bed, and I noticed that I had several bites on my left arm.

I got two more on my right arm. When I went to bed that night, I felt something biting me on the neck, and I pulled a little bug off of me which I think is a bed bug.

We had the exterminator come back - still no sign of infestation. We had a bed bug sniffing dog come - no sign of infestation.
We began the process of packing everything into plastic bags, washing, throwing away books, cleaning everything trying to figure out how they are getting in. I caulked the baseboards and every little crack and hole plus around light switches and electric outlets. The exterminator came and sprayed the bedroom. After a couple of days I got two little bites on my ankle. Later that morning, I saw a tiny tiny bug crawling across the freshly washed in hot water comforter. Looks like another bed bug. The exterminator comes back tomorrow to spray the entire apartment. We are in the process of putting everything into plastic bags.

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