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The bed bug problem continues. We have a neighbor that lives above us. She has bed bugs. But she doesn't do anything to get rid of them. She has issues. We are getting them in our apartment. A week ago, the exterminator came to spray the whole apartment. But couple of days later, I was bitten. The exterminator is suppose to make another trip to our apartment to spray the closets and dressers. It is still an ongoing problem in the housing projects. It's very annoying that people don't know how

to get rid of mattresses properly.
I'm just sad and fustrated that I have to deal with bed bug issues over and over again!

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Where we live at we encountered bedbugs about a year ago, Sept 2009. First it was in my bedroom. I had to buy vinyl mattress covers to cover the box spring. I had to clean the room. The exterminator finally came in October 2009, but to vacuum out the matresses because my mother did not want them to spray the room because it was very strong spray. Plus we're both asthmatic. The bedbugs came back about two months later only because I took off the vinyl mattress covers. So we contact the extermina

tors again. Never show up. So I purchased more vinyl mattress covers to ut on the matresses and box spring.

Then more six month later, my mother found them in her room. We cleaned the room real good. But to no avail they kept coming back. Come to find out her bedroom set is really old-30 years. They were hiding in the headboard. So she replaced her bedroom set. A month later I did the same because my bedroom set is old as well-26 years.

Over a month ago the bedbugs were spotted in the bathrooom by the pipes. The exterminator came and sprayed. But the first two times we called, it took a long time for the exterminator to come. Where I live at-St Nicholas Housing. I see furniture and mattresses being thrown out in the dumpster.

It was so bad for me have welts on my arms and bites on my legs. So far, we haven't seen any but I am very cautious now. I check my room, my mom's room and the bathroom.

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