60 W 129th St
New York, NY 10027-2203
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I live on the 3rd floor. I found bites on my arms and back around May 13/10 and thought it was an allergic reaction to a body wash. To be safe, I searched my mattress (which I preventatively covered in a bed bud cover when I moved in to protect myself) and pillows--I did not see any signs of bed bugs (I thought). I went out of town for 2 weeks and the hives cleared up but as soon as I returned home I got hives again after a day or two! Finally, two months later (last night, July 13) I see a bug

on my sheets...low and behold, a bed bug. I feverishly conducted another search and this time found them in the mattress BELOW the top mattress I sleep on (I have two mattresses and a box spring). The middle mattress nor the box spring were not covered with a protective sheet. I killed the bugs I found, discarded the mattress & am notifying the super and the landlord immediately. The box spring did not have many signs of bugs, maybe one or two tiny dead ones and I am going to put a covering on it today and wash all my linens (again).

I really don't know where they could have come from. There are cracks in my floor that I am going to request to be filled. I went to Tulum, Mexico in April but I can't be sure if I brought any back with me from there or if they came from another apartment in my building.

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Beware! This building is experiencing a bedbug infestation.

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