2 W 111th St
New York, NY 10026-4331

Found 3 reports:

The building is infested with bedbugs. If your neighbor unit gets exterminated, then the bedbugs will travel to untreated apartments.

This cycle goes on and on and even the exterminators suggested that to be free of bedbugs, tenants would have to move out of this building.

This building is infested with bed bugs! Furnitures are placed on the bottom of the staircase and you can see bed bugs crawling all over the furniture.

We have a hard time getting rid of them...actually they never go away. You will waste a lot of time and money trying to get rid of them.

Stay far away from this building if at all possible!

I moved in around July 2008 in 2 W 111th Street, 3C and i started noticing that I was getting red dots all over my body. I thought it was the mosquito, but it didn\'t take long for me to start collecting those critters in a jar.

The building seems to be infested as you will see a lot of people throwing out their furniture and beds. You\'ll also notice that people are loading massive amount of laundry periodically.

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