147 W 111th St
New York, NY 10026-4207

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There definitely bed bug infestatoin here even tho they say they spray just as a pre-caution. They been here for years. Saw all the furnture out on the street from different apartments cause they can't get rid of it.

There is an infestation in at least one apartment that is spreading to other apartments in the building. Landlord has hired exterminators to treat entire building, so we will see if that works...

We were told by our super and landlord that there were reports in the building. Landlord sprayed every single apartment and was tremendously helpful. We actually never saw one but the fact he sprayed and was so helpful is very reassuring.

Very bad infestation in our apartment July - September of 2010. We took extreme measures but landlord & management company underreacted (and said there were no previous reports - suggested that we had brought them when we moved in.

We found out squatter had been living in the building for more than a year - his apartment was the source. It was just teeming with bugs when he was finally evicted.

As of January, no more in our unit, but we know they've been spotted in every other unit. Some

are still struggling with the problem. Again, landlord, management company are doing the minimum fumigation.

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I found 3 bed bugs on my bed and pillow and received about 8 bites on my back. I do not know where these came from. Will the owner pay for an exterminator? My lease is not up for another 10 months, otherwise I would move from this apartment.

i see bedbugs on the floor and rug. I have nine bites on my arm and leg. My nighbor also have bedbug.

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