51 Saint Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10026-3416

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Agree with Mike and Randy, as the owner of the fifth of 51Saint Nicholas Avenue and member of this small condo board I can certify that in over 4 years we never had anyone complaining about a bedbug problem.
The building is brand new and very well taken care of.

I am also an owner of a condo at 51 Saint Nicholas Avenue in Manhattan. Mike's posting is correct: there are only 7 condo units in our building, none of whom report bedbugs.

My suggestion to the site administrator is that there are other "Saint Nicholas" thoroughfares in New York City. Please clarify with the anonymous posters where the posters are located. There is a Saint Nicholas Place 20 blocks uptown from our building. In addition, there is a Saint Nicholas Avenue in Brooklyn. One of the

se two locations are the likely actual location of the complaints you have received. Please be mindful with anonymous posts.

see full report...

Seeing as anyone can anonymously register a complaint who clearly doesn't live in the building, I'd like to comment as someone who actually lives here. This building is all new construction with 7 self contained condos, one on each floor, all owned by their current tenants. As one of the owners, I'd liked to say that these claims are in error. There are no "apartments" in the building as there are no renters. Perhaps these above posters got the address wrong?

more than 4 years of problems. the entire building is infested.

I have had constant problems with bed bugs in this apartment. It started with my daughter noticing bite marks and then I did. I have been very unhappy here.

No nearby bug reports