241 W 113th St
New York, NY 10026-3331

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OMFG!!! Moved in and out in 4 months. This place is INFESTED!!! Had to blast everything on the dryer, and spent a ton of time and money making sure I didn't take them with me. THe insomnia alone is reason to move.

DON"T LIVE HERE! Cheap things get expensive...

I saw bedbugs in the lobby late at night. When I came in they scattered. They are in my apartment too. I see lots of nice furnature also in the trash. People have moved out. I'm moving too. This place is a dump.

UPDATE # 2: Most recent extermination last week. Still getting bitten. Found bed bug walking up the living room wall when I was awake. It was full of blood. They are in every room in this 2BR, even the bathroom.
Another person is moving out today, because of the infestation. I'm going to start apartment hunting.


UPDATE #2: Second treatment completed about 10 days ago. It seemed better for a few days, but then I got 5-6 sets of new bites a few nights ago, and they just keep coming. Another extermination will be scheduled, but I am losing hope that this infestation isn't intractable. The entire building needs to be treated at one time, as a unit, including the common areas. The halls, stairways, elevator and lobby haven't been treated at all, so anything being thrown out by tenants, (and lots of fur

niture and mattresses are being tossed), is just dragging bed bugs throughout the building, where they can continue to thrive.

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I moved out of this building because of the infestation problems. The rats were so loud in the walls that they would wake me in the night. I kept the apartment as clean as possible and there were still roaches and mites everywhere. Luckily I never found a bedbug! My advice would be to move. I couldn't take the itchiness anymore

FOLLOW UP: Still not corrected. Bedbugs, mice, roaches, etc., all seen in apartment by HPD. Rodents not seen for several days now, since exterminator laid down massive amounts of bait. Sample bed bugs killed with alcohol, and saved in ziplocs. Suspect rodent mites, too, since there is a crawling sensation under my skin, and several other people in the building are reporting the same. Can't sleep, (too itchy, impossible to relax), and scratching like a baboon. Totally sux.
The good new

s: Exterminator comes on Tuesday for round one of bbug Tx. Have to bag all soft articles, pack books, etc. What a mess, and I can't afford to move.

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In early 2010, I began getting bitten before we even moved our belongings into the apartment. We came from a residence with no insect issues, and were sleeping on a clean sleeping bag on the floor of the new apartment for the first several days. From the first night, I was complaining to my partner about itching and getting bitten. He has bites, too, but to a lesser extent. After three attempts, (a no-show, a reschedule, saying the guy was out sick after the time he was due to arrive, and a

no-show in the morning of the third attempt), the exterminator came in the afternoon. He put out sticky traps, baited for mice and sprayed the kitchen and bath. No relief. At the next appointment, the exterminator inspected the sticky traps, and checked the bed frame, etc., and said we didn't have bed bugs. He sprayed the perimeter of the apartment. A day later, I am still getting bitten to S#!*!!! I am sleep deprived, my skin is raw and bleeding, and I have upwards of 50 bites that are driving me insane. The extermination company says they can't treat for bed bugs without concrete evidence of their presence. I am going to the doctor, ($50. copay), to see if they can write a letter saying I have bed bug bites. The landlord has been very cooperative, but the problem still exists. UGH!

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It took us a long time to figure out that we had an infestation...only 2x saw adult bugs and didn't know what they were. Problem is still not resolved.

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