245 W 113th St
New York, NY 10026-3307

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Moved in June 2010 for Sublet. The apartment is full of Flies despite screens in the windows. Plugged all vents yet they still flood the place. Building hallways smell like the garbage from the basement. Roaches in kitchen have reduced in number since scouring cupboards and applying cinnamon oil. Bedbugs discovered in Mattress, which was summarily thrown away. Scoured bedroom and vacuumed, purchased a Futon and all is clear so far, hoping for the best. August 22 2010

started getting bites
neighbors had them
been fighting them ever since
got rid of them for short period but they
came back since more they have spread to more
apts and the landlord is not treating the building
actually got outside pco and then sued lanlord
won the suit but the problem is back
since they will not treat the building with a good pco
now i am going to move to a new place with nothing and start over again
it's worth it too get rid of bugs
i am looking forward to being abl

e to have friends over again or even visit them without the fear of passing them on

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