200 W 113th St
New York, NY 10026-3306

Found 2 reports:

November 2012: first bite
-Cleaned everything in the bedroom and moved to next room. with no more biting I went back to the original bed and the biting started again.

January 2013: First sighting
- while changing the sheets, I saw an adult size bedbug! days before that I was being bitting once a night. After killing the bug, the next biting session was 6 bites located all over my body

I hope that I do not have to deal with the hassle of moving out and starting over!

A class action law

suit should be in order for this building because this is NOT a new problem - Extermination should be building wide!

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I moved into my unit in 2009 and quickly discovered that my infestation was quite extreme. Neighbors have suggested that the previous tenant had bedbugs, that she ultimately gave up trying to battle them (and perhaps the landlords, from whom she apparently withheld rent on the grounds of the inhabitability of the unit -- again, this is according to my neighbors' accounts) and moved. This would indicate that management was well aware of the problem, but I was not made aware of the problem at th

e time I viewed the unit or signed the lease.

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