350 Manhattan Ave
New York, NY 10026-2634

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Sorry to say but the previous comments about bed bugs are BS. I've lived in this building for 11 years and never had a bed bug.
As for exterminator service- it comes once a month to the building. There's a sign up sheet in the lobby or you can call the exterminator to make an appointment.

Truthfully, I'm furious about what I read here. Look people, if you want to move out, move out. But don't BS about bed bugs.

Iv'e just moved in to this building. Seems like the reports previously posted were for the building before it was gut renovated. I dont know if it is the same owners that used to have this building, but the current owners have totally re-gutted the entire building. All is brand new.

Each floor of this building has at least two apartments that have been infested with bed bugs. About half of the apartments are rent stabilized and the owner has tried numerous ways to run-off the rent-stabilized tenants. needless to say, he has done nothing to address the bed bug issues. The first four floors of the building also have a really bad roach problem. Under the past landlord, tenants were offered the services of an exterminator on a monthly basis. the current landlord personally orde

red his company to cut costs in this area... So our exterminations are now few and far between.

see full report...

I'm in an apartment on the 4th floor. There have been reports of bed bugs previously in this apartment, but we first had someone spray a couple weeks ago ~9/20/2009. Well, the bugs are still here. A number of neighbors have also complained of problems in their apartments. The management company has paid for spraying, but it probably needs to be done on the entire apartment at once to really be successful.

the whole building is infested. bed bugs have been an real infestation here for over a year. due to landlord/management inaction, the bugs have spread to all floors and at least a dozen apartments. our apartment is one of the most recent infestations and is costing us thousands of dollars and has sent my 4 year old son to the hospital with a staph infected bug bite. it's horrible here.

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