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Months of September/October 2011. Residents from many apartments were having issues with bedbugs. Brought this to the attention of management and they called in very quickly for an extermination of 3 rounds (3 weekends in a row) for the entire building.

Update from the original (anonymous) poster: the landlord did respond to the issue promptly and call in a good pest control company. It took some months of treatments but we did eventually get rid of the bedbugs and haven't had any signs of them since. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this building (and landlord).

First bites were on 8/12, didn't realize what it was for a few days. Once we did figure it out, landlord reacted promptly & their PCO seems experienced in this issue. We just had our first treatment yesterday (8/29).

Not sure where we got them from, though one roommate had just returned from a road trip, so hopefully they were picked up in a hotel somewhere and aren't anywhere else in the building. Seems we caught it pretty early, and the PCO will come back in 2 weeks if we're still gettin

g bites. I will come back and update this if the problem persists.

FWIW, the PCO mentioned to me that he also treated a building across the street, not sure which address though. He said it was an old woman and she had a TON of them -- I guess a social worker figured it out. Gross.

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