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214 w 116th street

Typical sad story: Beginning late August I got several of what I thought were mosquito bites, but they looked odd and were lasting WAY too long. A friend told me that he thought I may have bed bugs. Despite waking up at 4am and checking the mattress and box spring with a flashlight I couldn't find anything.

Mid Sept. while staring at at my mattress pad I saw a translucent spec of dust move. I then vacummed my bed and sofa and found an adult BB on the filter. I called building management

. Building management gave me the exterminator's #. They said they had to fax (2007! dude, where's my email) a form for me to sign and return. Embarassing because I was in the media room for a conference that I was attending for work, but this couldn't be delayed. I couldn't get an appt for a week.


8/21/2007 The exterminator sprayed my bedroom. I covered my mattress and box springs then had them thrown away.

I'm now sleeping on the floor, keeping all my clothes in bags and awaiting my 2nd extermination. I've found one BB since .

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