114 W 116th St
Manhattan, NY 10026-2520

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As of April 2012, several units are infested with bedbugs. Management is responsive, but the PCO they brought in only did a cursory inspection and sprayed unknown chemicals along some of the walls with no scheduled follow-up. Treatment was ineffective.

My family and I have been living in a provider (Community Access) apartment for over a year. When we moved in, we noticed the bugs and promptly told Community Access about the problem. They have chosen for the past year to do nothing about the problem. We have been using bed bug spray that we found in a store and just recently learned through the Guidelines that Cornell Cooperative put out that this made the problem worse. Now Community Access says that they want to fix the problem but they are

just making it worse also. They are bringing in exterminators that supposedly are spraying harmful chemicals into our home and not cleaning it up. They are also refusing to give us anything stating what the chemicals are that they are spraying into our home. These chemicals can be making us and/or our pets sick and we don't even know what they are. Community Access claims that they are using this same Guideline book but after reading it, they are doing the opposite of what is in this book. So at this point, they need to be investigated for misappropriation of funding as they are wasting the tax payers dollars on services that are making our home toxic and unsafe. I looked at their fiscal sheet from last year and from what I see, they have more than enough money to handle this the right way and stop wasting the tax payers dollars. This problem needs to be resolved correctly and stop playing the games with our health and well being. We were even told by them that if we contact an attorney on this matter, then they would get their attorneys to tie this up in court for years.

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