239 W 116th St
New York, NY 10026-2407

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Bedbugs confirmed again after a year bedbug-free. Didn't have them in my apartment, but have seen neighbors throwing out furniture over the last year. Don't know if they're getting their apartments inspected and treated.

Third incidence of bedbugs since moving in. Still / again very minor infestation according to exterminator - not comforting. Neighbors / other tenants NOT being pro-active.

Bedbugs again. Exterminator did his thing late August, and I seemed to be bb free for several months, but now they're back and worse. Over the summer I put info on BB prevention and treatment under door of every apt. A couple of tenants followed up, but not all. Although my LL is responsive I am so frustrated that I wasn't informed of the problem before I moved in. I know that neighbors had this problem up to a year or more prior to my arrival; I now think that the previous tenant in my uni

t most likely had an infestation.

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August 5th, 2010: Found two bedbugs after suspecting bedbugs for 4 weeks; and 3 weeks after a 15-20 minute (!?!?!?!?) inspection by a professional exterminator who "cleared" me on inspection (during which I had to request that he use a flashlight - AND supply one, then had to request that he look at more than the mattress - ie, baseboards & sofa). I hope the exterminators are more thorough at exterminating than at inspecting.

Only moved here in April, never had bb's in previous apt, and a

lthough I love this apt and the neighborhood, was not informed that the bldg had a history of infestation.

On the plus, landlord sent the extermination company's (hapless) inspector immediately for above-mentioned inspection and will be sending someone next week; no delaying / blaming / denying - that is No drama - landlord / management very professional and seem to want to resolve the problems.

I only hope my neighbors are / will be proactive - exterminating only a few apartments randomly will not work. Also - BIG problem with tenants throwing out (and dragging through the halls) infested furniture with no protective covering or warning to potential scavengers.

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Just killed 5 huge bedbugs. have noticed bites for months. my neighbor had them last summer and a tenant on the 6th floor currently has them as well

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