368 W 116th St
New York, NY 10026-2017

Found 2 reports:

Found a few bed bugs on a folded sheet on my bed upon my return home from a trip (08/23/09), but no evidence of a nest in my apartment. Bedding was protected, but they can still get on the sheets by falling from the ceiling. I suspect the bugs live in the building next to mine. Be very careful about moving into this area. Management uses the super to spray and not a professional service. Super is unreliable and kept delaying.

we found bedbugs in our mattresses a week ago (11/27/08) The apartment has been treated with pesticides, and we have cleaned EVERYTHING and put it in bags. However, we have seen at least 3 mattresses on the curb in the past week in the area, leading us to believe that the entire area nearby is infested.

No nearby bug reports