40 Morningside Ave
New York, NY 10026-1043

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There have been bed bugs in the building now for over 10 years. The LL is still using the same extermination company. We still see bedbugs in our apartment. We spray every few months to keep them at bay. But I cant see how we will ever totally get rid of them.

We have just recently discovered the entire building is infested. About 3 apartments on each floor has bedbugs. There are many people who are doing nothing about it. They refuse to get rid of furniture and they refuse to do what the e

xterminator tells them to do. People wont fully comply. This is a VERY serious problem. I do not know if there is a resolution without the full cooperation of all the tenants.

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We've had bedbugs twice (once about two years ago and I've had them for the last six weeks). Though management is responsive, their exterminator is AWFUL and made the problem worse over four separate visits (never use Select Exterminators!) Finally got rid of them a week ago by getting management to hire a real exterminator..

My bedbugs came from the apartment below us, who were hoarders. I know of one other unrelated case in the building, but that seems to be it...

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